My name is Nathan Terry and I run a few websites dedicated to vintage dirt bikes, and Honda Elsinore bikes specifically. They are:

Honda-Elsinore: http://honda-elsinore.com

Elsinore Swap Meet: http://elsinore-swap-meet.com

Vintage Bike Ads: http://vintagebikeads.com

Vintage Dirt Bike Forums: http://vintagedirtbikeforums.com

In 2001 it took me a lot of time to build up contacts and sources for parts for my second ’73 Honda CR250M Elsinore that I planned on restoring to showroom condition, I got extremely frustrated trying to find what I needed. It was this frustration which prompted me to start honda-elsinore.com. I wanted to help others who were going through or would be going through what I was going through.

Over the years the site has grown and I’ve added new features here and there. A swap meet, bike of the month, photo of the month, Specs & ID guide, Publications from old magazines, Forums for asking technical questions and getting answers to them, and Resources of parts suppliers for these old rockets. Now it is the number one site in the world for all things Elsinores. I hope to improve it as time allows and add even more features and helpful entertaining bits and pieces to it. I hope you visit and check it out for yourself and find something you’ve been searching for.

I’m now exploring new avenues and this blog is one of them. Let me know what you want to hear about.




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